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Author - Annika Hillig

“My Tokyo Adventure”
Interview @vispalberlin


@vispalberlin aka Jolanta Paliszewska is not only impressing us with her amazing photos mostly from Berlin, but also 18,4k followers. At the moment she is on a trip around Japan and we asked her to tell us about…

A walk through Dresden or should I say a dance?


A few different Instagramer met up on the weekend to discover some hidden places in Dresden with their Samsung Galaxy phone. Dresden is a city that offers you a lot but I think especially amazing are the pictures taken with…

The story behind “Gängeviertel Style”
Hamburg meine Perle


For amazing shots you definitely have to discover a city. Just arrived @eskimo took this colorful photo in a quarter in Hamburg. That’s how you feel good! We asked him a few questions: What is so special about…