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Author - Annika Hillig

The story behind “Magnolien”


Who is not loving the blossoms of the magnolia tree? @fraenze_berlin is spreading spring fever: I really enjoy the magnolia tree. Every year again and again because I know it since I can think. Then the day came…

Best Of – Portrait Photography


Today is the day that we show you some of our favourite portrait photographers. Yep we also value their work, I especially love portrait photography but we just don’t show often photos with people on our Instagram feed.…

The story behind “my vintage rose”
the beauty of simplicity


Today fraenze_berlin tells us something about this beautiful postcard: I could look at this picture for hours – the rose in a glass. I don’t know why but I guess it’s the simplicity that is not too tiring…

The story behind “It’s a girl”
Pink balloons


A garden party with pink balloons moving in the wind. A perfect scene for our postcard. @maralazaridou tells us how she made this photo: This image was taken at a party held at a garden, these balloons were…

#thestorybehind “purple calling”
The magical sunset


@andrewandryou caught a really special evening moment. That’s why he became part of our Berlin series. He tells us how he took this photo: “It was summer, I was just working and then suddenly the sky turned pink!…

Let your imagination run wild – An interview with @o_pinheirojose


José Pinheiro aka @o_pinheirojose didn’t become part of our Instagram community for no reason! His pictures are fun, thoughtful and imaginative. He impresses us with his ideas and mix of illustration and photography. We are very pleased that…

The story behind “SP-0125”
The epic jump


You have to take a closer look if you want to find out in which one of the pools the diver is jumping. That’s because of the different levels of the picture. And spot on @zoooi.de took this…

The story behind “feel better”
Oh hey Mr Bump


How a small blessing turned into a nice motive tells us @shiromano, the girl who captures everyday situations within her photos: “I like taking pictures of my hands in different situations, mostly holding fruit and vegetables. It was…

The story behind “I miss you”
Call me maybe?


‘Cause @aladiia has always her dog Sheila at her side this picture occured by chance. Thanks Sheila for the posing, we love it! Details tells us @aladiaa: I drew this telephone receiver and attached a cabel. I was…

#whatmyhandsdoing by @ponypork
the hottest hands on Instagram


@ponypork is mostly known for his hands. Yes you’ve heard it right. It’s called #whatmyhandsdoing. The ideas within his creative mind already got him 54,7k followers and the photos are getting better every day! They show his tatooed hands holding…