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Author - Annika Hillig

The story behind “Stay wild moon child” the beauty of the mountains


Today we introduce to you one of our postcard of the new series. There are already a lot of awesome motifs printed of @muenchmax, this one he took on one of his trips in Switzerland: The last light…

#thestorybehind “summer is here to stay”

#thestorybehind, Magazine

Today frollein_von_der_waterkant describes her perfect summer day: 30 degrees and the sun was out, finally the summer was arrived in Hamburg. So why sitting in the apartment sweating when you have the biggest outdoor pool of north Germany…

#thestorybehind “Inhale – Exhale”
Beach, sun and waves


The first photo of our new series was taken by @mfcorridan. How many of you wish to be there while looking at this postcard? Beach, sun and the pure feeling of freedom. Thank you for this little storybehind:…

Top Travel Instagramers
Take your time to explore the world


These instagramers let you dream of a holiday. They inspire you to pack your things and just go far far away to discover new cultures, beautiful places and exciting photo spots. I collected some of my favorite travel…

#thestorybehind “Liebe”


We are totally in love with @lotta_karotta‘s photo. She told us about where she took it: It’s actually a store: “GeschwisterLIEBE”. Neon sign. Red. Warm. The size is not the best for a square but it’s still filling…

#thestorybehind “hugs for you”
my best friend the bear


@o_pinheirojose told us something about his photo and why it is so special to him: My picture has a very important meaning to me. I took this one with my little nephew, when I caught him playing with…

World Ocean Day


Today is the world ocean day! Let’s use this day to celebrate the ocean, to think about how we can help to stop the global pollution and to take action. You can find more under the #WaveForChange and…

Best of #koblenzmeetskoeln


On the weekend while the weather was beautiful, an instawalk took place in Koblenz. It was organized by @koblenzergram, @koelnergram and @burgenblogger and so a lot of Instagramer met to network and to take photos. With the #koblenzmeetskoeln…

The story behind “wind chime times”
Idalino’s castle


@mctoro told us something about this summer photograph: Idalino, a Portuguese fisherman who lives in a hut on the beach makes these windmills as its pastime. His father used to make them before him. So it has become…

The story behind “handful of balloons”
kids have more fun


@ponypork told us the story behind this fun birthday card: This one is just a simple composition. Instead of worrying about what’s wrong and what’s right, why not make it into a playground. Reminds me when I was…