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Author - Anamaria Tatu

#meettheteam Ulrike – always on the road

#meettheteam, Magazine

She is the one we all talk to but now it’s time to talk about her – meet the latest in the team, the lady in HR: Ulrike. Ulrike is a native to the outskirts of Berlin and…

Bird flight and minimal pastels from Barcelona


It’s always charming to learn more about our photographers. This time, we asked @in_somnia_ a few questions and found out exactly what inspires her, the music she loves, how graphic design shaped her style and the places on…

Slow #augustescapes with soft colours

#bestofinstagram, Magazine

We had a full month of escaping away and a bunch of very interesting submissions. So, we were wondering What does it mean to escape, really? Do we want to take a break from the city, because we…

Pickmotion’s Picks: Joel Meyerowitz. Why color?

#pcknews, Magazine

It all started the day he met Robert Frank. Next thing he did the following day was to give up his job in advertising and start chasing fleeting moments on the streets of New York, by using Kodachrome…



A couple of minutes past six o’clock, the street is empty. It’s August in Prague and this is the silence before the tanks start coming in and take control of the city. It’s 1968, year of the Invasion.…

Pickmotion’s Picks: William Klein. Photographs and Films


If you don’t know William Klein, go see this exhibition. If you already know his works, go see this exhibition. Most images are usually displayed together, in large clusters, giving a cinematic feel, which is exactly what describes…

#meettheteam Eszter – between humanism and the arts

#meettheteam, Magazine

Coming all the way from Budapest, Eszter grew up in a family of architects, being an only child daydreaming about visiting Ethiopia one day, where her father has often travelled for work projects and brought back home stories…

A walk in Wedding – InstaMeet in Berlin


The first InstaMeet of this year happened last Saturday, thanks to @thisaintartschool in collaboration with @coberlin. The Instagramers had the opportunity of a guided tour through the Kreuzberg – Amerika exhibition, a chance to refresh memory with famous…

Down the memory lane: the symmetry in our cards


It looks like we always had a soft spot for this visual style, even before we asked our followers on Instagram to submit their photos with this theme. In the beginning it was all about the city. We…

“It’s true, I like symmetry.”
#pckphototalk with @tobisaenger


Hello. How are you? How is Köln? How is life? Hi. I am doing well, enjoying this wonderful early fall season with lots of photo-events in this beautiful city. “How is Köln?” is an awkward question, since I…