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Author - Alena

A walk through Cape Town mit @_hannesthun
Life is better at the beach


#athomeintheworld is our current motto in March, because our photographers are constantly on the road and everywhere is home to them. Such as @_hannesthun whose stream looks anything but like winter in Germany: Since January Hannes has been…

The story behind “mr. and mrs.”
Home is wherever I’m with you


Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel like home. Breakfast with our loved ones with home made goods and the smell of coffee in the air. @nma.g has a great story to tell: “This story behind…

“Just a boy with a camera”
Interview @jannikobenhoff


A scroll through @jannikobenhoff’s feed is like a holiday for your soul. Snow covered peaks, blue lakes surrounded by mountain chains, lonely huts in the lonesome countryside. It’s somewhat hard to believe that the face behind this world-renowned…

Nature porn
Top 5 Best Landscape Photographers on Instagram


Warning! May cause extreme wanderlust. This month’s theme on our Instagram is #wildwildfeb and so far it’s been pretty damn wild. Check out our top 5 favorite landscape photographers on Instagram, they are the best at capturing the…

Talk with a connoiseur


It was in summer 2011 that Michaela Kruse aka @lailie posted a car photography on her Instagram account for the very first time – a green Figaro by Nissan. This was the beginning of her own photo collection…

Cities by the sea


The month of January is all about capitals, check out our Instagram for daily updates of the most beautiful and unique shots of capitals worldwide. Would you like to be featured? Tag your pic with #belovedcapitals! Talking about…

Winter in Berlin


Berlin in the snow. After months of spring-like temperatures hardly anyone believed that winter would ever arrive this season. But it did and suddenly the entire city was covered in snow. If you believe that winter in Berlin…