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told by the founder Lorenz Hartmann

It all started with a need for better city postcards that were different than anything on the market. Cards that could make you happy, instantly. The kind that reminds you of another era, when memories were instant too. That is how I imagined the postcards to be: amazing photography, good vibes and the feeling of fresh print in your hands.

The next step was choosing the first batch of images that could convey this precise set of emotions. The first Pickmotion card “Konfetti” shows Berliners dancing at the summer street music festival Fête de la Musique.

I still had a day job when I started producing the first series of postcards in my kitchen. From my home, I began seeking the best Instagram photographers for powerful collaborations that would help me push the idea of city postcards to the next level. I was always keen to make the most of our digital era, while still conserving a love of print. In times of business and uniformity, many people look for simple, beautiful and sustainable objects. We try to meet those wishes with affectionately photographed and designed postcards.

With a classic business administration degree and experience working in the new-tech economy, I have enabled Pickmotion to unite the best of both worlds. While working in the fields of internet and mobile internet, I was permanently confronted with high-class digital content that caught the attention of many thousands, or even millions, of users for a single moment until it disappeared in the digital black hole. Seeing all this wasted content made me realize that people probably missed more tangible objects of memory. That’s how the idea of Pickmotion was born.

We had intense personal contact with Instagrammers and postcard dealers from day one. This contact created the perfect base for our continued collaboration with amazing people, sharing our success, and building up an alternative to impersonal stock photography. I believe people are feeling the difference.

Four years later, we create postcards for every celebratory occasion – from birthdays and parties to new babies and weddings. It has already been a year since Pickmotion started producing beautiful magnets with a silky matte touch. They are available with a wide range of carefully curated photographic motifs, linocut alphabet letters, patterns, and cool sayings.

Upon request, slim spinners can be sent with our cards and magnets, giving you a ready-to-use display option for your store. You can find all these items in our pastel-colored magazine-like catalogue.

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