Lorenz Hartmann, founder & CEO

“In a world of constant change and alienation, many people look for simple, beautiful and sustainable things. We try to meet those needs with lovingly photographed and designed postcards.”

Silvia, social media management & marketing

She loves the old form of photography and especially double exposures.
Favorite pick: Watchcat

Adi, graphic design

Coming from Tel Aviv, she always knew that she wanted to do something with art.
Favourite postcard: Swallows in the sky

Ayala, photoeditor

Nikon person with love for soft tones and a dog person, with Sherlock already a part of the Pickmotion team. Favourite card is All the best.

Ana, sourcing and visuals

Self-taught photographer, with a background in Psychology.
Favourite postcard: Idyllische einsamkeit – the sand could be snow “silent and happy at once”.

Iza, graphic designer

A fan of dancing, good food and architectural discoveries.
Favourite card: Cozy Christmas – it actually describes aesthetic and emotional worlds. “Not fancy nor fashionable,“ she says, “looks familiar.“

Andreas, business administration

With love for the waters, he knows how to sail and is the newest member of the team!
Favourite card: Ein Moin am Morgen

Eszter, order management

She goes to Tanzfabrik  in her free time and does volunteering for nonviolence.
Favourite postcard: Tempel Spielplatz because it gives you the feeling of freedom and space.

Nicole, order management

Volleyball, jogging, bicycling, she does it all; this year going for the triathlon.
Favourite card: Worry less live more, for the feeling of lightheartedness and serenity- of „coming home.“

Saskia, order management

She used to practice martial arts, now she is enjoying silence and fishing at the lakeside.
Favourite card: Mr. and Mrs. Anchor, which suits her not just because of her family name Anker (anchor).

Jana, accounting and sales

A multitasking-genius and a master of every chaos.
Favourite card: Oh, happy day! reminds her of her own road trips that she took with the VW-bus of her brother.

Anton, stock and logistics 

Born in Krasnodar at the Black Sea, does athletic sports.
Favourite postcard: Christmas cat. He loves the hairy four-legged animals but only in photos, his animal hair allergy forbids them as pets.

Sebastian, stock and logistics

Originally from Lublin in Poland, loves looking east, loves looking west.
Favourite card: Berliner Türme, the unusual, mighty view over the town is very familiar and dear to him due the daily commute forth to and back from work.