Lorenz, founder & CEO

“People look for simple, beautiful and sustainable things. We try to meet those needs with our postcards.

Favourite card: All you need is less. 

Silvia, social media management & marketing

She loves the old form of photography and especially double exposures.

Favorite card: Watchcat

Andreas, business administration

With love for the waters, he knows how to sail and is the newest member of the team!

Favourite card: Ein Moin am Morgen

Ayala, photoediting

Nikon person with love for soft tones and a dog person, with Sherlock already a part of the Pickmotion team.

Favourite card is All the best.

Ana, sourcing and visuals

Self-taught photographer, with a background in Psychology.

Favourite card: Idyllische einsamkeit – the sand could be snow “silent and happy at once”.

Adi, graphic design

Coming from Tel Aviv, she always knew that she wanted to do something with art.

Favourite postcard: Swallows in the sky

Patrice, social media and order management

Loves late night cooking and is a huge fan of analogue photography.

Favourite card: Cheese! – an old camera of course.

Eszter, order management

She goes to Tanzfabrik  in her free time and does volunteering for nonviolence.

Favourite postcard: Tempel Spielplatz because it gives you the feeling of freedom and space.

Nicole, order management

Volleyball, jogging, bicycling, she does it all; this year going for the triathlon.

Favourite card: Worry less live more, for the feeling of lightheartedness and serenity- of „coming home.“

Saskia, order management

She used to practice martial arts, now she is enjoying silence and fishing at the lakeside.

Favourite card: Mr. and Mrs. Anchor, which suits her not just because of her family name Anker (anchor).

Jana, accounting and sales

A multitasking-genius and a master of every chaos.

Favourite card: Oh, happy day! reminds her of her own road trips that she took with the VW-bus of her brother.

Sebastian, stock and logistics 

Originally from Lublin in Poland, loves looking east, loves looking west.

Favourite card: Berliner Türme, the unusual, mighty view over the town is very familiar and dear to him due the daily commute forth to and back from work.