We look for interns regularly




We are looking for someone who is passionate and driven and who is supporting us in the field of Social Media, Editorial, Image desk and Community Management. Collectively we want to establish Pickmotion as a strong brand in Germany and Europe. Start talking through images – curate the best photography out of the crowd and make it accessible for everybody!


Be the expert for trends on Instagram, Pinterest & Co.! Find new and current hashtags and campaigns applying to Pickmotion.

Spot and contact Photographs for the new Pickmotion-series. Let the Pickmotion community grow, keep contact with our photographers and publish outstanding photos on our social media accounts.

Get involved into the composition of our catalogue and help structure the PR and marketing of Pickmotion.

Be part of the Team on Events, fairs and exhibitions to keep improving the good contact to clients, photographers and cooperation partners.

We are a start-up, so support us in every activity accruing. For example, a market analysis, the recovery of new clients or new budgets.


  • Social media addict
  • Passion and enthusiasm about photography, traveling and discovering.
  • Basic knowledge in Photoshop and In Design are advantageous.
  • A good degree and a good knowledge of the German language are advantageous, but no need – you’ll persuade us if you have some experiences in the subjects stated above and if you are clever, honest and motivated.
  • We are located in a nice office in Friedrichshain, Berlin.
    Don’t hesitate and just contact us via kontakt@pickmotion.de


Pickmotion is a publishing company of the new generation! We are curating the best motives of Instagram and Co., publish them on exclusive print products and sell them directly in bookstores, stationary stores or the touristic store around your corner! And Pickmotion goes further! Our photographs and photography don’t stay anonymous. In the magazine on our website we tell the stories behind the pictures and show the personal side of our photographs!


Silvia Halfter